The NCAA Weekly|23 June

1. The news of the week is that Auburn commit and Olympic hopeful Sunisa Lee has an insanely difficult uneven bars routine, which includes a Nabieva linked to a Bhadwaj. Sunisa presented her routine at the American Classic last weekend, but unfortunately struggled with it a bit. Later, however, she posted a video on Twitter of herself training the full routine (minus the dismount). It looks awesome. If she can hit it consistently, she can have a serious shot at both a world and an Olympic title. Watch out, Nina Derwael!

Speaking of American Classic, here are some results.

2. Hopes Classic, 10-11: 1. Carsyn Coleman (49.450); 2. Zoey Molomo (48.900); 3T. Zoey Molomo and Ly Bui (48.750). Izzy Stassi, who was fifth in the all around, won both the vault (13.400) and bars (12.050) titles. Ella won beam (12.800) and Zoey won floor (12.400).

3. Hopes Classic, 12-13: 1T. Michelle Pineda, Katelyn Jong and Paityn Walker (51.100). Level 10 and elite rising stars Ava San Jose and Lily Pedersen were fourth and fifth respectively. Rebekah Smith won vault (13.550), Katelyn won bars (13.300), Michelle and Lucy Tobia won beam (13.100) and Ava won floor (12.800).

4. American Classic, juniors: 1. Ciena Alipio (53.800), 2. Karis German (53.350), Lyden Saltness (52.600). Ciena scored a huge 14.050 on beam and she also won bars with a 13.650. Karis won vault with a 14.300 and she and Lyden tied for the floor title with a 13.550. Impressive among the juniors were young Sienna Robinson, who looked very strong after coming back from injury and Zoe Miller, who just completed an outstanding Level 10 season (both fourth with 52.350). Always beautiful to watch was Levi Jung-Ruivivar, both on floor, where her dancing abilities are the best in the nation, and on bars, where her toe point really shines. It was also a good elite debut for Ariel Posen, while Joscelyn Roberson, despite a fall, looked impressive on beam.

5. American Classic, seniors: 1. Faith Torrez (54.850), 2. Emily Lee (52.550), 3. Shania Adams (51.650). The wow moment was Sunisa Lee’s bars routine but there were a lot of impressive instances. Junior Olympic champion Faith Torrez impressed on beam and floor. No one thought of her as a contender for a world or Olympic spot, but after this performance, who knows? Sloane Blakely performed her best beam routine ever (14.500) and it was gorgeous. Emily Lee also had her big moment winning floor (13.800), while Abigael Vides made her debut with style, especially on beam.

In other news…

6. Cornell’s incoming freshman Kiley Schaefer is training a very unique bars routine. I’m all in for diversity of skills, I hope she will be rewarded for it!

7. Oklahoma sophomore Allie Stern is training a rare acrobatic series on beam: BHSO + LOSO + BH onto the beam. Allie had a good freshman season but never competed beam. Hopefully next year she will feel more confident and help the Sooners on that apparatus as well.

8. Olympic hopeful Leanne Wong showed off some sensational upgrades in training this week: her Amanar vault seems to be becoming consistent, while she played around with a 4.5-twisting pass on floor!

9. Congratulations to Utah alumna Shannon McNatt, who was named to the third team of the 2019 Google Cloud Academic All-America Division I Women’s At-Large teams, as selected by the College Sports Information Directors of American (CoSIDA). Shannon also won the NCAA Elite 90 award at the National Championships for her academic achievements.

10. Eight U.S. elite gymnasts are in contention for a spot of the Pan American Games team: Sloane Blakely (Florida, 2022), Kara Eaker (Utah, 2022), Aleah Finnegan (LSU, 2022), Morgan Hurd (Florida, 2021), Shilese Jones (Florida, 2021), Sunisa Lee (Auburn, 2022), Riley McCusker (Florida, 2021) and Leanne Wong.


Routine of the week

THE routine.


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