2019 Season|Conference Championships

It is impossible to be fair to (and have footage of) everyone, but here are a lot of routines you should watch (or re-watch) from last week’s Conference Championships.


SEC Championships

Team champions: LSU – 197.900

All around champion: Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – 39.800

  • Sarah Finnegan Sarah Finnegan Sarah Finnegan Sarah Finnegan Sarah Finnegan. Her perfect competition ended with a perfect 10.0 on floor and her second consecutive SEC all around title. Sarah’s reaction to her perfect score was the cutest!
  • The five-gymnast tie on beam is what dreams are made of: Lexie Graber (Alabama), Alyssa Baumann (Florida), Megan Skaggs (Florida), Rachel Gowey (Florida) and Sarah Finnegan (LSU). This is Alyssa’s second consecutive SEC beam title!
  • Baumann v Baumann challenge: Rachel 1 – Alyssa 1… See you at Nationals.
  • Arkansas’ Sarah Shaffer kept her best bars routine for the SECs (9.900) and so did Kentucky’s Katie Stuart did the same on vault (9.825).
  • Florida’s Trinity Thomas is the SEC vault champion, you guys!
  • Alabama’s Shallon Olsen competed the hardest dismount in the NCAA on beam: BHSO + BH + double pike… Stuck (9.925). Gorgeous!
  • Shoutout to Alabama for finishing third despite competing in the afternoon session. Theirs was a very promising performance!
  • D-D Breaux‘s reaction to McKenna Kelley’s stuck vault was the non-gymnastics highlight of the competition!


Pac-12 Championships

Team champions: UCLA – 198.400

All around champion: Kyla Ross (UCLA) – 39.800

  • UCLA’s Kyla BOSS did her usual things, scoring two perfect 10.0s on bars and floor, winning the all around with a huge 39.800 and completing her second gym-slam in two weeks. WHAT?!
  • UCLA’s Felicia Hano stuck her Yurchenko 1.5 and she is Pac-12 vault champion.
  • Utah’s MyKayla Skinner finally got her perfect 10.0 on floor – well-deserved!
  • UCLA’s Madison Kocian congratulating MyKayla Skinner on her perfect 10.0 was my highlight of the competition.
  • UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi debuted her all-female-singers-inspired floor routine – and I like it much better than the Michael Jackson one. Needless to say, she got a perfect 10.0!
  • California’s Milan Clausi nearly stuck her Yurchenko 1.5 on vault for a 9.900… with her mother’s blessing!
  • California’s Emi Watterson scored a 9.950 on bars for the second consecutive week.


Big Ten Championships

Team champions: Michigan – 197.400

All around champions: Natalie Wojcik (Michigan), Olivia Karas (Michigan) and Lexy Ramler (Minnesota) – 39.600

  • The all around podium made me almost cry – a three-gymnast tie shared three of my favourite gymnasts: Olivia Karas, Natalie Wojcik and Lexy Ramler.
  • Minnesota’s Lexy Ramler was crowned beam queen, as she should (9.925).
  • Michigan’s Olivia Karas is floor champion in my heart (9.900).
  • Michigan’ Emma McLean is the vault champion with a FTY – this brings me so much joy.
  • Maryland’s Alecia Farina scored a 9.900 on floor (and the official footage missed it…). Luckily some dutiful parent saved the whole gymnastics community from disaster!
  • Maryland’s Alex Robinson competed a rare triple spin on floor – enjoy!
  • Illinois’ Mary Jane Otto scored a near-perfect 9.975 on bars – it brought tears to my eyes!


Big 12 Championships

Team champions: Oklahoma – 197.575

All around champion: Maddie Karr (Denver) – 39.600

  • It aches me to see how easily Denver could have won over Oklahoma (I like the Sooners, but I also really enjoy upsets).
  • Denver’s Maddie Karr all around champion though, you guys (39.600)!!!
  • The title came down to the last routine of the competition and Oklahoma’s Olivia Trautman did not disappoint on floor. It was a 9.975!


MRGC Championships

Team champions: Boise State – 196.950

All around champion: Courtney McGregor (Boise State) – 39.475

  • Boise State’s Courtney McGregor won the all around and teammate Alexis Stokes won bars with a huge 9.950. Unfortunately I am not aware of any videos…
  • Utah State’s Madi Ward-Sessions won the floor title with a 9.925. Her amplitude in her tumbling passes is INSANE.
  • Utah State’s Leighton Varnadore showed off an incredible save on bars (9.675).


MIC Championships

Team champions: Lindenwood and UIC – 195.350

All around champion: Kayla Baddeley (UIC) – 39.175

  • This was such a bittersweet meet. Lindenwood and UIC tying for the title meant so much to both teams. For Lindenwood, a Division II team that was created only seven years ago, it was a bold statement of the growth and potential of their programme. Thanks to their performance at the MIC Championships, they qualified to their first ever Regionals. For UIC, for whom this is most likely their last season, winning this competition was an emotional goodbye. The Flames, however, narrowly missed out on Regional qualifications, which made this meet heartbreaking.
  • UIC’s Serena Baker impressed with a lovely routine on bars (9.850).


ECAC Championships

Team champions: Temple – 194.750

All around champion: Ariana Castrence (Temple) – 39.175

  • Penn’s Allison Former won the bars title with this fabulous routine (9.825).
  • Cornell’s Izzy Herczeg won the floor title with a school-record 9.950. It was only the second time in school history a CUG gymnast was awarded a perfect 10 by one of the judges!!!
  • Cornell’s Sara Maughan won the vault title with this solid FTY (9.825).


ECAC II Championships

Team champions: Bridgeport – 195.150

All around champion: Julianna Roland (Bridgeport) – 39.175

  • West Chester’s Yoli Nodarse competed a floor routine with a weird yet very enjoyable choreography (9.750).
  • Bridgeport’s Kelli Tereshko won the bars title with this excellent routine (9.875) – when DII beats DI, guys!


EAGL Championships

Team champions: New Hampshire – 195.950

All around champion: Alexandra Zois (George Washington) – 39.400


MAC Championships

Team champions: Northern Illinois – 195.975

All around champion: Denelle Pedrick (Central Michigan) – 39.350

  • Kent State’s Abby Fletcher tied for the floor title with this fantastic routine (9.900). Her choreography is one of my favourite this season!


NCGA Championships

Team champions: Brockport State – 191.050

All around champion: Candis Kowalik (Brockport State) – 38.400

  • UW-Stout’s Shadae Boone won the national title with her historic Yurchenko 1.5 and I’m so happy (9.825).
  • UW-Whitewater’s Franchesca Hutton-Lau won the beam title with a stunning routine (9.775). I’m so glad we have footage of these routines!


MPSF Championships

Team champions: Air Force – 195.725

All around champion: Taylor Chan (San Jose State) – 39.300

  • Air Force’s Tyler Davis won floor with an impressive 9.950, while teammate Anna Salomone won bars with a 9.925 and vault with a 9.875.
  • One of my favourite gymnasts, Alaska’s Sophia Hyderally, won beam with a 9.900.






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