2019 Season|Week 9

This week the stars scored their perfect 10.0s, but there was also some amazing gymnastics (and stuck landings) by lesser known gymnasts, still bright stars in our hearts.

1. Nine surgeries later, LSU senior Lexie Priessman scored her first ever perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars. No perfect 10.0 this season was more well-deserved! Things kept turning golden for the Tigers on beam, where senior Sarah Finnegan was also awarded a perfect 10.0. It may not have been her best routine, but it is Sarah Finnegan, and we need to make up for the 100,000,000,000 times that she did not get perfect scores when she deserved them. So I am fine with it!

2. We need to talk about Air Force junior Anna Salamone‘s bars routine (9.825). It is gorgeous from start to finish: that full pirouette, that Pak salto and that stuck full-in dismount!

3. Iowa freshman Lauren Guerin has a difficult and fun floor routine (9.900), which includes a full-twisting double back mount and a front tuck to double tuck dismount. She is a joy to watch and we shall get to see her for three more years!

4. Washington senior Monica Riley stuck her Yurchenko half on vault (9.825). I love Yurchenko halves and I love Monica Riley. So this was perfection to me!

5. Illinois sophomore Nicole Biondi also stuck a Yurchenko half on vault (9.825). So much love!

5. California freshman Maya Bordas was impressive on the uneven bars (9.900), where she performed a beautiful set, which included a fantastic Jaeger to overshoot. This Cal freshman class is going to be on fire in the following years!

6. Boise State junior Courtney McGregor notched a near-perfect 9.975 on the uneven bars for her best routine to date.

7. Rutgers senior Jenna Rizkalla stuck cold her handspring front pike somersault on vault (9.900). Fantastic!

8. UCLA junior Kyla Ross did it once again. At Oklahoma she scored two perfect 10.0s, on bars and vault, a 9.975 on floor and an underscored 9.875 on beam, for a total all around score of 39.850 to tie her career-high. Honestly, we knew Kyla was good, but who would have expected her to dominate her junior year and outshine even the brightest Sooner stars?!

9. UC Davis sophomore Gabby Landess posted a career-high all around score of 39.075, including a 9.825 on floor for a beautiful routine. Everyone has their goals and everyone produces some amazing gymnastics, and I am here for it all!

10. Arkansas junior Sydney McGlone posted a career-high 9.925 on floor for this fantastic routine, which includes a sky-high double layout.


Highest scores of the week

Team: Utah – 197.975

All around: Kyla Ross (UCLA) – 39.850

Vault: Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Perfect 10.0

Bars: Lexie Priessman (LSU) and Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Perfect 10.0

Beam: Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Perfect 10.0

Floor: Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Perfect 10.0


Routine of the week

Nine surgeries later and only one week after being injected stem cells, Lexie Priessman scored the first perfect 10.0 of her brilliant career at LSU. The most well-deserved perfect score of the season!


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