2019 Season|Week 2

Shocking results, amazing freshmen, historic season openers and viral floor routines. Here is your recap of Week 2!

1. Florida 197.300; Missouri 196.450. Florida‘s first meet lived up to expectations. The Gators showed some nerves on their first apparatus, vault, but composed themselves on bars and kept up the momentum for the rest of the competition. Senior Alicia Boren led the team and won the all around but the real protagonists of the meet were undoubtedly the freshmen. Trinity Thomas showed up in top form, hitting all her four routines and posting a huge 9.950 on bars; Savannah Schoenherr was gorgeous on bars; Nya Reed was outstanding on floorLeah Clapper was a very solid anchor on floor; and Sydney Johnson-Sharpf showed off her sass on floor. Among other highlights, Alicia Boren‘s new floor routine is one for the ages and check out junior Rachel Gowey‘s new front tuck somersault on beam! Missouri also had a very solid competition across the floor. They are well-trained and the coaching staff are doing everything they can to smartly minimise deduction – it is paying off! Among their highlights, freshman Hannah McCrary showed off a gorgeous Yurchenko 1.5 on vault and Mary Nicholson and Brittney Ward did great on beam.

2. UCLA 197.700; California 196.075; Michigan State 194.900; UC Davis 194.125. UCLA had another outstanding meet, capped by two perfect 10.0s on bars for junior Kyla Ross and on floor for senior Katelyn Ohashi, who competed her split leg double layout! The Bruins shuffled around their lineups a bit, because they have so much talent and depth, and proved that no matter who is set to go, she will hit and be great. It is a luxury not many teams have. The Bruins had a strong overall meet, but dominated on floor, with four 9.925s (Ross, Kramer, Tratz and Frazier) and a perfect 10.0 (Ohashi). It was also an outstanding meet for California, who broke into the 196s. Freshman Milan Clausi won the vault title with a big 9.900 on her Yurchenko 1.5. The Golden Bears are set to have a great season, just watch them! Michigan State and UC Davis impressed on beam. MSU scored two 9.850s with Gabriella Douglas and Alaina Raybon, while UC Davis scored a 9.825 and two 9.800s with Yasmine Yektaparast, Alyssa Ito and Kelley Herbert.

3. Oklahoma 197.825; Georgia 195.300. Oklahoma did not disappoint at home against Georgia. The Sooners were solid as ever on all four pieces and, as UCLA, proved that they can shuffle around the lineup a bit and the result does not change. There is some  concern about junior Maggie Nichols, after she was seen limping after her floor routine. Hopefully it is nothing serious, she was able to walk and finish her floor routine. Among the highlights, senior Brenna Dowell competed the Dowell on floor and sophomore Anastasia Webb competed a gorgeous floor routineGeorgia had some problems on bars and floor, which again is fine so early in the season, considering the number of freshmen on the team, and it is also good news as long as it is not a beam concern. Among the highlights, freshman Rachael Lukacs‘ DTY on vault; freshmen Rachel Baumann and Mikayla Magee on beam; junior Sabrina Vega and senior Sydney Snead on floor.

4. Auburn 196.700; LSU 196.275. LSU sustained a shocking defeat on the road at Auburn. The Tigers had a fairly good start on bars, counting three 9.925s (Finnegan, Priessman and Edney), but they never really gained momentum, failing to break into the 9.9s on vault and having a very shaky rotation on beam. To lower the morale of the team was a new injury sustained by McKenna Kelley on floor – this time her ankle, not her Achilles. Hopefully it is nothing serious, but it killed the competition for the Tigers. Overall, a disappointing performance for the LSU Tigers, who will have to bounce back and prove what they are made of as early as next week. The best routines for them were junior Kennedi Edney on bars and senior Sarah Finnegan on floor. The other Tigers, Auburn, on the contrary, had a stellar competition and are now the number 1 collegiate gymnastics team in Alabama (!!!). The Tigers were strong on all apparatuses, but won thanks to an outstanding rotation on bars, where they counted one 9.875, three 9.900s and one 9.925 by senior Abby Milliet. Freshman Derrian Gobourne had another outstanding competition, sticking her Yurchenko 1.5 for an underscored 9.900 and setting the arena on fire with a 9.950 on floor.

5. Denver 196.275; Alabama 196.175; Michigan 196.025; Bowling Green 189.675. It was another shocking result in Tuscaloosa, where Denver defeated Alabama and Michigan. We are not talking huge scores, but the Pioneers had a strong performance on all four pieces, counting most scores in the 9.8s. A very strong season opener for them, highlighted by sophomore Lynnzee Brown‘s Yurchenko 1.5 on vault, worthy of a 9.925. They may not have won, but this meet was more like it for Alabama. The Crimson Tide were far from perfect and still struggled a bit on beam, but finished very strong on floor with two 9.900s by sophomore Lexi Graber and freshman Shallon Olsen, who anchored the floor lineup like a queen. Michigan relied again on their star freshman Natalie Wojcik, who stuck another Yurchenko 1.5 for a 9.950 and won the all around with an impressive 39.450. The other freshman Abby Brenner also impressed on her Yurchenko 1.5 for a 9.900. Emotions flowed when senior Olivia Karas made her floor debut since tearing her Achilles last season. She is back, folks, gorgeous and enthusiastic as ever! Bowling Green’s Elena Lawson impressed on vault with a 9.800.

6. Utah 197.250; BYU 196.475. Utah kept it down to business on the road at BYU. The Utes started off on bars with a fall, but that was the only major mistake of the competition for them. The Red Rocks have some depth this year and allowed themselves to play around with their lineups a bit – freshman Hunter Dula debuted on bars and sophomore Alexia Burch led off her team on beam. Among the highlights, junior Mykayla Skinner stuck her DTY on vault for the second week in a row, senior Macey Roberts stuck her FTY for a career-high 9.900 and freshman Adrienne Randall looked even more gorgeous on beam. BYU (highlights here) woke up this year as a beam team – the Cougars had an amazing rotation on what used to be their Achilles’ tendon, and posted six scores of 9.800 or better. Among their highlights, BYU’s entire beam lineup, freshman Rebekah Bean on vault and junior Shannon Evans‘ hugely entertaining and expressive Super Mario-themed floor routine!

7. Boise State 196.400; San Jose State 193.050; Air Force 191.875Boise State crushed their season opener, posting the highest season-opening score in programme history. The Broncos excelled particularly on bars, where the counting scores ranged from 9.800 to 9.875 (sophomore Emily Muhlenhaupt). Senior Shani Remme starred, winning the all around with a 39.500, and scoring a 9.900 on floor and a 9.950 on beam – she is currently ranked #1 on this apparatus nationally!

8. Nebraska 195.550; Washington 195.250. It was an interesting meet between Nebraska and Washington (if anything, because a wrestling meet was happening at the same time in the arena…). Nebraska were just shy of their season-opening score, with some problems on vault and floor, but an overall strong competition. I am confident that landings will come later in the season and that they will be ready to kill it in the post-season. Among the highlights, freshman Adnerys De Jesus and senior Sienna Crouse showed off two strong Yurchenkos 1.5s on vault, junior Taylor Houchin killed again her bar routine and junior Sierra Hassel scored a huge 9.900 on beam. Washington started a bit slowly but not badly. Scores are tight this year on vault, especially on Yurchenko fulls, and the Huskies paid for it. But overall it was a good season opener for them. Senior Kristyn Hoffa posted their highest score on floor, a 9.850.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 14.40.02.png

9. Ohio State 196.025; NC State 194.925. Ohio State impressed by breaking into the 196s on the road at NC State with a big 196.025. Last week against Georgia they did not even score a 195!!! They had an outstanding rotation on bars, with all counting scores of 9.825 or above (the highest was a 9.875 by Jenna Swartzentruber) and a strong rotation on floor, with three scores in the 9.8s, including a 9.875 by Jamie Stone.

10. Among individual beauties, at Minnesota (195.600) sophomore Lexy Ramler scored a big 9.900 on bars and an even bigger 9.925 on beam, while junior Ivy Lu posted a 9.925 on bars. At Arkansas (195.800) sophomore Sophia Carter impressed with a 9.900 on beam and a 9.875 on floor. At Southern Utah (193.700) Hannah Nipp scored a big 9.900 on beam. And at Illinois sophomore Kylie Noonan scored a big 9.900 on floor.


Highest scores of the week

Team: Oklahoma – 197.825

All around: Kyla Ross (UCLA) – 39.700

Vault: Mykayla Skinner (Utah) – 9.975

Bars: Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Perfect 10.0

Beam: Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – 9.975

Floor: Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Perfect 10.0


Perfect 10.0s

Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Uneven bars

Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Floor exercise


Routine of the week

BYU’s Shannon Evans’ Super Mario-themed floor routine is one for the ages!



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