2018 In Review|My 10 Favourite Floor Routines

Choosing 10 routines among so many fantastic ones this season was painful, and some that deserved to be included were unfortunately left out. So here is the tentative list of my 10 favourite floor routines, but a special mention should also go to Kent State’s Rachel Stypinski, Oregon State’s Isis Lowery, Denver’s Lynnzee Brown and Centenary’s Navia Jordan. Their routines did not make the top-10, but they were fantastic too!


10. Rae Balthazor (Illinois) – Big Ten Championships

Look at Rae’s pointed toes, sassiness and expressiveness – glorious routine!


9. Sydney Snead (Georgia) – Florida @ Georgia

There was a touch of old-style gymnastics in this routine, which made it unique. And that Shushunova did the rest to me!


8. Khazia Hislop (Carolina) – NC State @ Carolina

There is a calmness and a precision in Khazia’s routine that makes it magnetic. I could watch it all day long.


7. Megan Skaggs (Florida) – LSU @ Florida

That choreography and pointed toes are everything to me. Fantastic!


6. Nicole Lehrmann (Oklahoma) – West Virginia @ Oklahoma

This was Nicole’s first and only floor routine for the Sooners this year, and it was amazing. We need to see more of her on floor, she is gorgeous – please, Oklahoma, please!


5. Elizabeth Price (Stanford) – Pac-12 Championships

This is all about the tumbling for me really, that double layout gets me every time!


4. Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) – Super Six Finals

So flawless, so intense, so precise. Maggie’s money on floor!


3. Olivia Karas (Michigan) – Ohio State @ Michigan

Olivia’s floor routine to Madonna is sassy, dynamic and so much fun. Her season was cut short last year, I hope she’ll be back strong this year – this is floor at its best.


2. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Auburn @ LSU

I can’t get enough of Sarah’s floor. Her routine is powerful, elegant and precise. Just perfect!


1. Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Nationals Semifinals

This routine is everything – powerful, sassy, fun and 100% Michael Jackson. Inspiring!





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