2018 In Review|My 10 Favourite Bars Routines

It was a tough choice, but here are my 10 favourite bars routine of 2018:


10. Monica Riley (Washington) – Washington @ Utah

Monica worked very hard during the off-season and entered her junior year by becoming a strong and consistent bars worker – her routine is hard, exciting and beautifully performed.


9. Ivy Lu (Minnesota) – Illinois @ Minnesota

Ivy was a revelation this year – her routine is incredibly consistent and well-performed, and look at that Pak salto!


8. Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Super Six Finals

It may not be the most difficult routine in collegiate gymnastics, but Kyla’s lines are perfect, even when the judges somehow don’t agree!


7. Marissa Oakley (Georgia) – Missouri @ Georgia

Marissa’s lines and confidence on bars are fantastic – a breath of fresh air for the Gymdogs!


6. Taylor Houchin (Nebraska) – Big Ten Championships 

Those full pirouettes go without saying, this routine from Taylor is gorgeous.


5. Alex McMurtry (Florida) – Nationals Semifinals

This routine has become a classic, here it is at its best.


4. Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) – Nationals Semifinals

Maggie completed her second gym slam and won her second national bars title by scoring a perfect 10.0 with this routine during the semifinals round at Nationals.


3. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Arizona @ LSU

This incredible routine won Sarah a perfect 10.0 – how could it be otherwise?


2. Christine Peng-Peng Lee (UCLA) – Super Six Finals

Difficult, precise and worthy of a national title. Bless Peng’s eternal NCAA career!


1. Elizabeth Price (Stanford) – Nationals Semifinals

Difficult, flawless, perfect – a well-deserved uneven bars national co-champion!


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