2018 In Review|My 10 Favourite Vaults

There were loads of fantastic vaults this season, but here are my (very personal) 10 favourite ones:

10. Sienna Robinson (California) – Nationals Semifinals

Different, beautiful and stuck. A fantastic last competition for Sienna at Nationals!


9. Molly Korth (Kentucky) – National Semifinals

At Nationals, Kentucky’s first ever, Mollie stuck her Yurchenko 1.5, to end the competition with a blast.


8. Megan Schweihofer (Nebraska) – Super Six Finals

Megan stuck her full-twisting Yurchenko when it counted the most – at the Super Six Finals.


7. Jade Degouveia (Oklahoma) – Super Six Finals

At the Super Six Finals, Jade was vaulting for only the second time since January and nailed it.


6. MaKenna Merrell-Giles (Utah) – Washington @ Utah

What a year MaKenna had – here she scored a perfect 10.0 for her Yurchenko 1.5.


5. Alex McMurtry (Florida) – National Semifinals

Her best year may have been her junior one, but Alex made sure she finished her career with a blast (and a national title), hitting her very difficult double-twisting Yurchenko at Nationals.


4. Kim Tessen (Utah) – BYU @ Utah

At her first meet in nearly a year, Kim hit her Yurchenko 1.5, as if to prove that her nickname of Kim Possible is definitely appropriate.


3. Lexi Graber (Alabama) – Oklahoma @ Alabama

She was afraid of this vault and risked to get seriously injured in one of the first meets of the season. But Lexi didn’t give up, and she came back strong to become one of the most consistent Bama vaulters.


2. Sarah Edwards (LSU) – Super Six Finals

At the Super Six Finals, Sarah killed her Yurchenko 1.5, stunning everyone, including herself. Look at Ashleigh Gnat losing it in the background!


1. Brenna Dowell (Oklahoma) – Nationals Semifinals

She hit her Yurchenko 1.5 all season long, and Brenna ended up tying for the vault title at Nationals.




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