The NCAA Weekly|18 November

1. Florida alumna and former U.S. national team member Kennedy Baker revealed this week that she too is a victim of Larry Nassar. Kennedy wrote on Twitter: ‘In my final chapter of my gymnastics career, I am coming forward to share my story of abuse. Inspired by the strong women who have come before me, I stand ready to help enact a culture change at & . We will not be silenced. I believe that in sharing my story, I can begin my personal journey to heal and encourage others who are struggling with their story of abuse. I will continue to raise my voice to help ensure that current and future gymnasts can be safe and enjoy the sport. And to anyone who’s ever had experience with sexual assault or abuse I just wanna let you know that I love you and it will be ok. Love each and every person ❤️’.

2. Florida sophomore and 2014 world champion Alyssa Baumann also came forward this week as one of the victims of Larry Nassar. Read her inspiring message on Twitter.

3. Grace McLaughlin also shared a personal story this week. Grace is not a direct victim of Larry Nassar, but she was a witness and a victim of the USA Gymnastics system of abuse. In a thread of Twitter, she tells what she saw and what she endured at the National Training Camp, at WOGA and beyond. She explains that abuse comes in many forms and wonders when people will be held accountable for turning a blind eye on the abuses.

4. It is National Letter of Intent signing week! I will post a full list of names once everyone is in, but here are some of the big names: seven-time U.S. national team member Jordan Chiles signed with UCLA; former U.S. national team member Abby Paulson and Junior Olympic champions Jillian Hoffman and Jaedyn Rucker signed with Utah; Mati Waligora, Makarri Doggette, Emma DeSantis and Kam Ryan signed with Alabama; and Bailey Ferrer, Kiya Johnson, Kai Rivers and Caitlin Smith signed with LSU; and three-time Junior Olympic champion Peyton Richards signed with Florida.

5. Florida showed off some strong training this week. On vault, junior Sierra Alexander hit a high FTY, while sophomore Alyssa Baumann and freshmen Trinity Thomas and Savannah Schoenherr all performed strong Yurchenkos 1.5. On floor, Trinity Thomas and another freshman, Nya Reed, showed off beautiful double layouts. On beam, freshmen once again rocked. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf showed off a BHSO + LOSO. Trinity Thomas a one-armed BHSO + LOSO. And Leah Clapper a BHSO + LOSO + LOSO. And finally, on bars, sophomore Megan Skaggs showed off her beautiful straddled Tkatchev to Pak salto.

6. LSU showed off some highlights from their intrasquad. Sophomore Sarah Edwards, junior Kennedi Edney and senior Sarah Finnegan rocked vault. Senior Lexie Priessman and sophomore Sami Durante were on fire on bars. And sophomore Reagan Campbell hit a beautiful beam set.

7. Michigan also had their intrasquad this week. Among the vault highlights, senior Olivia Karas showed off a high FTY, and freshmen Abby Brenner and Natalie Wojcik two high Yurchenkos 1.5.

8. Ohio State freshman Claire Gagliardi is training a beautiful Ezhova on bars!

9. According to this photo, Canada’s Brooklyn Moors, one of the most elegant floor workers in the world, is committed to UCLA. If confirmed, such news this would be!!!

10. Here are the recent commits: Kara Eaker to Utah (2021-22), Kelly Johnston to West Virginia (2020-21), Maddie Watson to Cornell (2019-20), Abbie Thompson to West Virginia (2020-21), Tan Sze En to Stanford (2019-20), Taylor Jensen to Bowling Green (2019-20), Amanda Webb to West Chester (2019-20), Paige Casper to Towson (2019-20), Karis German to Alabama (2022-23), Simone Dumas-Guzman to SPU (2019-20), Marissa Jencks to Minnesota (2021-22), Raegan Walker to Yale (2019-20), Ashtyn Winter to SPU (2019-20), Jaudai Lopes to San Jose State (2020-21), Amelia Knotts to Kentucky (2021-22), Kaitlyn Grimes to Ohio State (2021-22), Talia Little to Boise State (2020-21), Kenadi Brown to Alaska (2019-20), Caitlin Kass to North Carolina State (2019-20), Bella Lahmidi to Sac State (2019-20), Marlee York to George Washington (2021-22), Zoe Gravier to UCLA (2022-23), Ariel Posen to UCLA (2022-23), Olivia O’Donnell to Illinois (2019-20) and Maggie Lampsa to Illinois (2019-20).

Routine of the week

Florida’s Kennedy Baker earned her last perfect 10.0 on floor with this routine.


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