Meet the 2019 Kentucky Freshman Class

Kentucky is welcoming three very good freshmen: Josie Angeny of Prestige Gymnastics; Cally Nixon of FL-Int Miami; and Arianna Patterson of Metroplex.


Name: Josie Angeny

Club: Prestige Gymnastics

Best event(s): Bars and beam

Josie Angeny is a two-time Junior Olympic qualifier (2015 and 2017). In 2015, she tied for gold on beam in the Junior C division, and in 2017, she tied for seventh on beam in the Senior C division. In 2018, Josie was third on bars at the Pennsylvania State Championships, and won gold in the all around and on bars, silver on beam and bronze on vault at the Pink Invitational.


Name: Cally Nixon

Club: FL-Int Miami

Best event(s): Vault

Cally Nixon is the 2016 Region 8 champion on vault and silver medallist on beam, and the 2017 Florida State bronze medallist on floor. In 2018, Cally won gold medals on vault, bars and in the all around, as well as silver on beam and bronze on floor at the Gasparilla Classic.


Name: Arianna Patterson

Club: Metroplex

Best event(s): Vault and floor

Arianna Patterson qualified to the Junior Olympics in 2018, where she tied for eighth place on vault in the Senior D division. Previously in 2018, she had an excellent Texas State Championships, where she tied for gold on vault and was third in the all around, and had an even more successful Region 3 Championships. There, she won gold on floor, silver on vault and bronze in the all around.




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