Meet the 2019 UCLA Freshman Class

The current national champions are welcoming three outstanding freshmen this season: Margzetta Frazier of Parkettes, Norah Flatley of Chow’s and Sekai Wright of American Gymnastics Academy.


Name: Margzetta Frazier

Club: Parkettes

Best event(s): Vault and floor

Margzetta Frazier is an elite gymnast and a current member of the senior U.S. national team. She finished fifth in the all around at the 2017 P&G Championships and fourth on bars at the 2017 U.S. Classic. In 2018 she competed at her first international meet, the Birmingham World Cup, where she hit 4-for-4 and finished second behind Russia’s Angelina Melnikova. She is competing at the 2018 P&G Championships next week representing UCLA – the last gymnast to represent the Bruins at an elite meet was the gorgeous Vanessa Zamarripa in 2010 – do I need to say anything more?


Name: Norah Flatley

Club: Chow’s

Best event(s): Beam

Norah Flatley is a former elite gymnast and member of the junior U.S. national team. As a junior, she finished second on bars and third in the all around at the 2014 P&G Championships, and second on balance beam at the 2013 P&Gs. Internationally, Norah competed at the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships, where she won gold with the team and on beam. She also competed twice at the Jesolo Trophy: in 2014, she won gold with the team and on beam, and bronze in the all around; in 2015, she again won gold with the team and on beam, as well as silver in the all around and on bars.


Name: Sekai Wright

Club: American Gymnastics Academy

Best event(s): Vault

Sekai Wright is one of the best level 10 gymnasts (and vaulters) in the country. She competed at the Junior Olympic National Championships four consecutive times (2015 to 2018) and won at least one medal at each of them. In 2015, she won gold on vault in the Junior B division; in 2016, she again won gold on vault in the Junior E division; in 2017, she won silver on vault and was seventh in the all around in the Senior B division; and in 2018, she recaptured her vault title and was third on floor in the Senior E division. Sekai is also the 2018 Region 1 champion on vault and floor, and the SoCal State champion on vault and in the all around.



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