Week 7: Gymnasts of the Week

Photograph: YouTube

Here are all conference awards of Week 7!

Big 10 Conference

Gymnast of the Week: Sienna Crouse (Nebraska)
Event Specialist of the Week: Ivy Lu (Minnesota)
Freshman of the Week: Lauren Bridgens (Penn State)

Big 12 Conference

Gymnast of the Week: Maddie Karr (Denver)
Event Specialist of the Week: Alex Marks (Oklahoma)
Freshman of the Week: Anastasia Webb (Oklahoma)

East Atlantic Gymnastics League (EAGL)

Gymnast of the Week:  Chelsea Knight (NC State)
Event Specialist of the Week:  Khazia Hislop (North Carolina)
Freshman of the Week: Lauren Diggan (New Hamphire)

Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) (Division I)

Gymnast of the Week: Jacey Baldovino (Yale)
Event Specialist of the Week:  Jessica Wang (Yale)
Freshman of the Week: Katie Waldman (William and Mary)

Coaches’ Choice: India Anderson (Temple)

Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) (Division II)

Gymnast of the Week:  Kathryn Doran (Bridgeport)
Event Specialist of the Week:  Kelli Tereshko (Bridgeport)
Freshman of the Week: Melanie Wojedwoda (West Chester)

Coaches’ Choice: Allie Lesperance (Southern Conn.)

Mid American Conference (MAC)

Gymnast of the Week:  Jovannah East (Bowling Green)
Event Specialist of the Week:  Kira Hoy (Western Michigan)

Midwest Independent Conference (MIC)

Gymnast of the Week:  —
Event Specialist of the Week:  —
Freshman of the Week:  —

Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF)

Gymnast of the Week:  Kelley Hebert (UC Davis)
Event Specialist of the Week:  Kaprece Nadonza (San Jose State)
Freshman of the Week:  Tyler Davis (Air Force)

Mountain Rim Gymnastics Championship (MRGC)

Gymnast of the Week:  Courtney McGregor (Boise State)
Event Specialists of the Week
Vault: Courtney McGregor (Boise State)
Uneven bars: Courtney McGregor (Boise State) and Shani Remme (Boise State)
Balance beam: Autumn DeHarde (Southern Utah)
Floor exercise: Shani Remme (Boise State) and Shannon Hortman Evans (BYU)

National Collegiate Gymnastics Association East (NCGAE)

Gymnast of the Week:  Candis Kowalik (Brockport)
Event Specialist of the Week:  Brittany Vasile (Brockport)

Pac-12 Conference

Gymnast of the Week: MyKayla Skinner (Utah)
Event Specialist of the Week: Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA)
Freshman of the Week: Cairo Leonard-Baker (Arizona State)

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

Gymnast of the Week: Sarah Finnegan (LSU)
Event Specialist of the Week: Lexie Priessman (LSU)
Freshman of the Week: Christina Desiderio (LSU)

Winsconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (NCGA West)

Gymnast of the Week: Sierra Beaver (UW-Stout)
Event Specialist of the Week:  Hannah Lewis (UW-Eau Claire)


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