Week 6: Review (Part 1)

Photograph: YouTube

The beginning of Week 6 was lights on once again! Florida won against Alabama with a big 197.850, but Alabama still impressed, posting the second 197 in a row, a 197.075. LSU and Utah also posted scores in the 197s, a 197.150 for the Tigers and a 197.075 for the Red Rocks. Individually, Florida’s Kennedy Baker posted her third perfect 10.0 on floor, and LSU’s Myia Hambrick and Sarah Finnegan followed with two 9.975. On vault, Florida’s Alex McMurtry impressed with a 9.975 and Minnesota’s Ivy Lu was outstanding on bars with another 9.975.


It was an exciting competition between Florida and Alabama. The Gators posted another huge score, a 197.850, while the Crimson Tide posted a new season-high, a 197.075. Both teams did well, but they still have plenty of potential to improve, which is great news half the way through the season. Florida started a bit slow on vault, where all scores were in the 9.8s but Alex McMurtry’s, who scored a 9.975 for a huge DTY. It is infuriating that Alex’s vault this week was much better (and actually stuck) than the one that won her a perfect 10.0 two weeks ago, but this is gymnastics, I guess! On bars, the Gators had a great rotation, with McMurtry posting a 9.950, Alicia Boren a 9.925, and Amelia Hundley and Rachel Gowey two 9.900s. On beam, Alex McMurtry, Alicia Boren and Alyssa Baumann posted three 9.925s, and things got electric on floor, when Baumann posted a 9.925, Boren a 9.950 and Kennedy Baker posted her third perfect 10.0 on this apparatus. Well deserved! Alabama started well on bars, where the anchor Kiana Winston and Mackenzie Brannan posted two big 9.900s. The Crimson Tide finally had a good rotation on vault, where Nickie Guerrero posted a 9.900, Lexi Graber a career-high 9.850, and other four scores in the 9.8s. On floor, the lowest counting score was a 9.775, and Nickie Guerrero posted a big 9.900. Alonza Klopfer debuted on floor with a 9.775. On beam, Alabama had to count one score in the 9.7s, but the rest of the lineup did great – Nickie Guerrero won the event with a 9.950, Peyton Ernst posted a 9.900 (her best score at Alabama) and Lexi Graber a 9.850. Alicia Boren won the all around with a 39.600.

LSU posted once again another score in the 197s, a 197.150 on the road at Missouri (196.375). The Tigers had a great competition on three apparatuses out of four, but suffered two falls on beam, and had to count one. Still, the fact that they managed to post a score in the 197 anyway says a lot about the depth and potential of this team. LSU started well but not brilliantly on bars, where the best scores were Lexie Priessman and Myia Hambrick’s 9.875s. The Tigers went on to finally have a great rotation on vault, where Myia Hambrick and Kennedi Edney stuck their two Yurchenko-one-and-a-half for two 9.950s and Julianna Cannamela stuck her FTY for a career-high 9.900. On floor, the Tigers were on fire, with Myia Hambrick and Sarah Finnegan posting two 9.975s, Kennedi Edney a 9.925 and lead-off Ashlyn Kirby a 9.900. This is Myia’s third consecutive 9.975, and to be honest, it is getting a bit ridiculous. We have seen other gymnasts get perfect 10.0s for much less perfect routines, and no one can deny that Myia deserves one. Hopefully, once again, it will happen soon. The Tigers unfortunately had problems on beam, with Reagan Campbell and Kennedi Edney falling one after the other. The rest of the rotation, however, was good, and Erin Macadaeg and Sarah Finnegan won the event with two 9.900s. Missouri had a very good competition, with all counting scores in the 9.8s on vault, beam and floor. Kennedi Harris and Allison Bower impressed on floor with a 9.950 and a 9.925 respectively. LSU’s Myia Hambrick won the all around with a 39.625.

Utah did not have a perfect competition, but still scored over 197, a 197.075 against Arizona State (195.400). The Red Rocks had a solid start on vault, where all scores were in the 9.8s and MyKayla Skinner posted a 9.900 for a good DTY. Utah was slightly off on bars, with two scores in the 9.7s, but MyKayla Skinner posted a big 9.925 and Kim Tessen finally had a fantastic routine for a 9.900. On beam, Utah counted a fall, but they bounced back nicely, with comfortable scores in the 9.8s, and MyKayla Skinner posted another 9.900. The Red Rocks again had some polishing work to do and had to count a 9.650, but the rest of the scores were great, with MyKayla Skinner posting a 9.950, MaKenna Merrell-Giles a 9.925 and Tiffani Lewis a 9.900. Arizona State had a good competition, with most scores in the 9.7s, but it is a team worth of 9.8s. Cairo Leonard-Baker and Anne Kuhm impressed on floor with two 9.875s. Utah’s MyKayla Skinner, after two slightly off weeks, regained the all around crown with a 39.675.

It was a bit of a disappointing meet between Georgia and Kentucky. The Bulldogs won the meet with a 196.150, while Kentucky posted the lowest score of the season so far, a 195.550. Georgia competed with five-gymnast lineups on vault and floor, and unfortunately the bet did not pay off, as the Bulldogs had to count multiple scores in the 9.6s and 9.7s. On vault, however, Lauren Johnson kept impressing with a 9.900 and on bars freshman Marissa Oakley posted another big 9.900. On beam, Georgia had again to count a 9.600, but Vivi Babalis stepped up with a 9.875 and Sabrina Vega closed the rotation with a 9.850. Floor was not perfect, but scores were solid, with Sydney Snead posting a 9.900, followed by three 9.825s. Kentucky had fairly good rotations on vault and bars, with scores in the 9.7s and 9.8s, and they finished really strong on floor, with all accounting scores were in the 9.8s, including two 9.875s by Hailey Poland and Mollie Korth. Kentucky, however, had a disastrous rotation on beam. They had to count a fall, as well as one score in the 9.6s and one in the 9.7s. The rotation was topped by Alex Hyland with a 9.875. Overall, the meet was not a bad one for either team, but they will be disappointed. The all around was won by Georgia’s Sydney Snead with a 39.400.

Arkansas had another very strong meet, scoring a 196.750 against Auburn, which had a bad meet for a 194.875. Vault and beam were good but not great for the Razorbacks, with scores in the 9.8s and 9.7s. On floor, freshman Sarah Shaffer impressed with a 9.900, followed by two 9.875s. Arkansas, however, had a dreamy rotation on bars, where FOUR gymnasts scored four 9.900s – Amanda Wellick, Braie Speed, Hailey Garner and Sarah Shaffer. WOW! Auburn had an up and down competition. The good part was excellent, but the bad part was very bad. Beam was the Tigers’ best rotation, with Abby Milliet winning the event with a 9.900, followed by four scores in the 9.8s. Floor and vault were also fairly good, but Auburn had to count scores in the 9.6s on both events. Milliet posted another 9.900 on floor. The Tigers, however, had problems on bars, having to count a fall, but Samantha Cerio still with a 9.900. Arkansas’s Jessica Yamzon won the all around with a 39.225.

It was a season-high competition between Southern Utah and BYU, with Southern Utah winning 196.800-196.450. Southern Utah had very solid rotations on bars and floor. On bars, all scores were in the 9.8s, and on floor Autumn Jorgensen and Karen Gonzalez impressed with two 9.900s. On beam, Gonzalez posted a huge 9.950 and Jorgensen a 9.900. Megan McBride impressed on vault with another 9.900. BYU had an outstanding rotation on beam, where the lowest counting score was a 9.800, and Abby Boden and Natasha Trejo posted two 9.900s. BYU’s Shannon Hortman won the all around with a 39.400.

Boise State had the second great meet in a row, winning with a 196.400, ahead of Iowa State (195.725) and host San Jose State (194.500). Boise State had very solid rotations on vault, bars and floor, and a weaker rotation on beam was the only thing that prevented them to get closer to the magic 197. On vault Mary Frances Bir won with a 9.925, and on floor Shani Remme won the event with a 9.925, followed by Sandra Collantes’s 9.900. Iowa State did amazing on beam, where all scores were 9.8 or better, and Molly Russ posted a big 9.900. Iowa State’s Madeline Johnson won bars with a 9.925, while Boise State’s Shani Remme won the all around with a 39.425.

Ohio State had a good meet, to win against Penn State 196.200-196.025. Ohio State had solid rotations on bars and floor, with all scores in the 9.8s. Jenna Swartzentruber impressed on bars with a 9.875 and Jamie Stone and Stefanie Merkle posted two 9.875s on floor. Penn State impressed on beam, where Sabrina Garcia won the event with a 9.925 and Briannah Tsang posted a 9.900. Briannah Tsang once again won the all around with a 39.325.

Minnesota had yet another good meet, scoring a 196.100 against Illinois-Champaign (195.100). Minnesota is a team on the rise. They still have to count scores in the 9.7s on all apparatuses, but they have some fantastic gymnasts, who post scores in the 9.9s. On vault Ona Loper posted a 9.900, on beam Lexy Ramler won the event with a 9.950, and on bars Ivy Lu touched perfection with a 9.975. Minnesota had an overall good rotation on floor, with four solid scores in the 9.8s. Lexy Ramler won the all around with a 39.475.

Northern Illinois won on the road at Eastern Michigan 195.425-194.900. The Huskies impressed particularly on beam with four scores in the 9.8s, including Andie Van Voorhis’s 9.875. Anna Martucci impressed on floor with a 9.900. Ashley Potts won the all around with a 39.325.

Utah State won on the road with a 195.000 ahead of host UC Davis (194.525) and Sacramento State (194.400). Utah State had exceptional rotations on beam and floor, with Emily Briones winning beam with a 9.925. Sac State was solid on bars, where Jordyn Brent posted a 9.850 and Caitlin Soliwoda a 9.825. UC Davis did really well on beam, with Kelley Herbert posting a 9.875 and Alexis Brown and Aya Suzuki two 9.850s. Brown also won the all around with a 39.275.

Michigan State had a good meet, winning with a 194.525 at Illinois State (192.025). Katy Clements impressed with a 9.925 on beam and a 9.875 on floor. Michigan State’s Denelle Pedrick won the all around with a 39.000.

UW-La Crosse won against Winona State 190.100-184.625. La Crosse’s Sam Weyker impressed on floor with a 9.750.

At the Harley Davidson Invitational, Lindenwood won with a 190.850, ahead of UW-Whitewater (188.650) and UW-Stout (184.875). Lindenwood’s Aleah Leman impressed on floor with a 9.800.

Alaska won on the road at Centenary College 188.500-187.700. Alaska’s Kendra Daniels impressed on beam with a 9.725.

UW-Eau Claire posted the highest score of its season so far, a 185.625 to win the meet against Hamline 185.550.

Article by Talitha Ilacqua


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