Week 4: Review (Part 2)

Photograph: Kyla Ross/Instagram

What a Saturday it was! At the Metroplex Challenge UCLA defeated LSU in their first ever regular season meet together. Pac-12 Coach of the Century Valorie Kondos Field reached her 500th career victory and senior Peng-Peng Lee scored her second perfect 10.0 on beam. Other teams throughout the nation also posted big scores: Oregon State posted a 196.975, Nebraska scored a 196.875, Ohio State a 196.775 and Denver a 196.675. The battle for Nationals is getting heated. Alongside Peng, other gymnasts touched perfection. UCLA’s Kyla Ross scored a 9.975 on beam, LSU’s Myia Hambrick a 9.975 on floor and Stanford’s Ebee Price a 9.975 on bars.

And BANG! If you still had any doubts UCLA meant business this year, these should have been shattered by the Bruins’ impressive victory this week at the Metroplex Challenge against LSU, Washington and North Carolina State. UCLA posted a huge 197.625, its highest score so far, followed by LSU’s still impressive 197.375, Washington’s very good 196.525 and North Carolina State’s 195.825. UCLA posted an insane overall score of 49.625 on beam, as well as impressive 49.400s on vault and floor. It edged LSU on all apparatuses but bars (weirdly enough, right?). On vault, Kyla Ross stuck an almost perfect FTY for a 9.925, followed by Pua Hall who stuck her Yurchenko one-and-a-half. Katelyn Ohashi and Nia Dennis posted respectable 9.875s. On beam, Peng-Peng Lee scored her second perfect 10.0 on this apparatus for a flawless routine. Kyla Ross was right behind, touching perfection with a 9.975. Pac-12 Specialist of the Week Grace Glenn kept impressing with a 9.900. On floor, the crowd got insane for Katelyn Ohashi’s routine, who scored an impressive 9.925. She was followed by three 9.875s by Gracie Kramer, Kyla Ross and Pauline Tratz. Bars was the weakest apparatus for the Bruins, but Kyla Ross still won the event with a 9.925. Freshman Savannah Kooyman also debuted on bars, scoring a respectable 9.825. LSU had a very good competition, which just lacked a little bit of extra polish. On vault, four gymnasts scored a 9.875 – Julianna Cannamela, Kennedi Edney, Sarah Edwards and Sarah Finnegan. On bars, Sarah Finnegan scored a 9.925 for an almost perfect routine, followed by Myia Hambrick’s 9.900 and Sami Durante’s 9.875. On beam, Kennedi Edney stuck about everything there was to stick for a 9.900, followed by Erin Macadaeg and Sarah Finnegan (9.875). The Tigers finished very strong on floor. Myia Hambrick scored a 9.975 for a routine worthy of a 10.0, followed by Kennedi Edney, Sarah Edwards and Sarah Finnegan all with 9.875s. Kennedi stuck cold her double Arabian, again the score could have been a bit higher. Washington impressed especially on floor, where all five counting scores were in the 9.8s. Hailey Burleson impressed on beam with a 9.900, while teammate Monica Riley excelled on bars with a 9.875. UCLA’s Kyla Ross won the all around with a career-high 39.700.

Oregon State had an outstanding meet at home against Stanford, winning with a 196.975 to 195.550. The Beavers impressed with their consistency on all apparatuses. On bars, Mary Jacobsen scored a 9.900, followed by three 9.850s. On beam, Maela Lazaro scored a 9.900, followed by other four scores in the 9.8-range, including Sabrina Gill’s 9.875. Big scores came especially on floor, where Kaitlyn Yanish won the event with a big 9.950, followed by Mary Jacobsen’s and Savanna Force’s 9.900s, Isis Lowery’s 9.875 and Niya Mack’s 9.850. For Stanford, Elizabeth Price kept impressing, winning the all around with a 39.600, which included a 9.975 on bars and a 9.900 on floor. Also impressive was freshman Kyla Bryant, who posted two 9.875s on beam and floor.

It was an exciting meet between host Nebraska and Michigan. Nebraska had another impressive meet, scoring a 196.875 to defeat Michigan (196.525). Nebraska had outstanding rotations on beam and floor. On beam, Megan Schweihofer posted a 9.900, followed by Grace Williams’ 9.875 and three 9.850s. On floor, all five counting scores were 9.8s or better, including Catelyn Orel’s 9.875. Michigan had a much better meet on the road than last week. The Wolverines had a very good meet overall, just marred by some weak scores on vault. On bars, all six scores for Michigan ranged in the 9.8s and were topped by Paige Zaziski’s 9.875. On beam, Brianna Brown, Lauren Marinez and Paige Zaziski all posted 9.850s. Finally, on floor, star Emma McLean posted a huge 9.950, followed by Olivia Karas’s 9.875 and other three scores in the 9.8s. Nebraska’s Abbie Epperson won the all around with an impressive 39.450.

Host Ohio State had an IMPRESSIVE meet, scoring a 196.775, including an insane 49.575 on floor, ahead of Minnesota (195.775) and Illinois State (190.875). On vault, Ohio State’s Olivia Aepli posted a big 9.900, followed by Alexis Mattern’s 9.875 and Morgan Lowe’s 9.850. On bars, the lowest counting score for Ohio State was a 9.825 and scores were topped by Kaitlynn Hofland’s 9.925 and Jenna Swartzentruber’s 9.900. Beam was Ohio State’s weakest apparatus, with the best score being Morgan Lowe’s 9.800. Ohio State, however, redeemed itself with an INSANE rotation on floor, where all counting scores were 9.9 or better. Jamie Stone posted a 9.950, Alexis Mattern a 9.925, and Janelle McClelland, Jenna Swartzentruber and Olivia Aepli three 9.900s. Minnesota, on the contrary, had a great rotation on beam, where Lexy Ramler scored a 9.900, Ona Loper a 9.850, and Ciara Gerder and Mary Korlin-Downs two 9.825s. Like Ohio State, also Minnesota posted some big scores on floor. Lexy Ramler posted a 9.950, and Ciara Gardner and Ona Loper two 9.925s. On bars, Ivy Iu impressed with a big 9.950, followed by Lexy Ramler’s 9.900. Lexy Ramler also won the all around with an impressive 39.600.

Denver also had an impressive meet, scoring a 196.675 to defeat Utah State (195.000). The Pioneers had an outstanding rotation on floor, where all five scores were 9.875s or better. Maddie Karr and Nikole Addison topped the leaderboard with two 9.925s. Freshman Lynnzee Brown impressed with a 9.925 on vault and a 9.875 on beam. Maddie Karr won beam with a 9.900 and the all around with an impressive 39.600.

Illinois-Champaign just about edged Penn State 195.750-195.475. Penn State’s Briannah Tsang kept impressing, posting 9.900s on beam and floor, and winning the all around with a 39.350. Penn State also impressed on bars, where Lauren Bridgens and Sabrina Garcia posted two 9.875s and Alissa Bonsall a 9.825.

Michigan State won a quad meet with a 195.525, ahead of Eastern Michigan (194.950), Rutgers (194.225) and Pittsburgh (193.125). Michigan State impressed particularly on floor, where Brittini Chappell, Drew Hendershot and Lea Mitchell scored three 9.875s. Rutgers also impressed on floor, where Jenna Rizkalla won the event with a 9.900, followed by Libby Groden’s and Makenzey Shank’s 9.850. Lea Mitchell won the all around with a 39.35.

Host West Chester won with a 192.050, ahead of Cortland State (185.350) and Rhode Island College (174.800). Cortland State impressed on beam, with Bailey Gildemeyer scoring a 9.825 and Emma Schulz a 9.800.

Southern Connecticut won on the road (191.000), ahead of Brockport State (190.975), host Springfield College (188.300) and Brown (178.675). Brockport State’s Brittany Vasile impressed on floor with a 9.850.

UW-La Crosse defeated UW-Oshkosh 188.400-183.900. Oshoksh’s Amanda McBrayer won the all around with a 36.850.

Article by Talitha Ilacqua


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