Week 1: Gymnasts of the Week

Photograph: YouTube

Here are all the conference awards of Week 1. The post will be updated as soon as new honours are awarded.

Big 10

Gymnast of the Week: Olivia Karas (Michigan)
Event Specialist of the Week: Brianna Brown (Michigan)
Freshman of the Week: Lauren Bridgens (Penn State)

Big 12

Gymnast of the Week: Maddie Karr (Denver)
Event Specialist of the Week: Kaitlyn Schou (Denver)
Freshman of the Week: Lynnzee Brown (Denver)


Gymnast of the Week: Cami Drouin-Allaire (George Washington)
Event Specialist of the Week: Casey Lauter (New Hampshire)
Freshman of the Week: Lauren Diggan (New Hampshire)

ECAC (Division I)

ECAC (Division II)


Gymnast of the Week: Katy Clements (Central Michigan)
Event Specialist of the Week: Lacy Rubin (Eastern Michigan)



Gymnast of the Week: Mariana Murphy (Air Force)
Event Specialist of the Week: Jessica Kirkpatrick (Air Force)
Freshman of the Week: Tyler Davis (Air Force)



Gymnast of the Week: MyKayla Skinner (Utah)
Event Specialist of the Week: Peng-Peng Lee (UCLA)
Freshman of the Week: Kyana George (California)


Gymnast of the Week: Sarah Finnegan (LSU)
Event Specialist of the Week: Kiana Winston (Alabama)
Freshman of the Week: Jazmyn Foberg (Florida)


Gymnast of the Week: Amanda McBrayer (UW-Oshkosh)
Event Specialist of the Week: Kiya Bjorge (UW-Eau Claire)



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