Florida Shows Off Incredible Tumbling Passes on Floor Exercise

Photograph: YouTube

It is official and there is no going back: Florida is ON FIRE on floor exercise.

The Gators have posted a video on Facebook, in which they show off outstanding amplitude, fitness and endurance on floor for this time of year, as well as, of course, some incredibly difficult tumbling pass.

Let me break this down for you.

The main news is that there are so many new double layouts to make your head spin! Senior Rachel Slocum’s double layout looked as easy as her double pike. Freshmen Alyssa Baumann and Jazmyn Foberg’s ones are as good as during their old elite days. Sophomore Amelia Hundley’s is effortless. Sophomore Sierra Alexander is a contender on floor (!!!), and I am so happy, because she worked so incredibly hard all year long and she deserves it so much. She is 5’7’’ and her double layout looks glorious. Junior Alicia Boren also has a new double layout, so high and perfect it will make you cry!

If you are starting to worry that the whole lineup will begin with a double layout, you forgot the existence (how could you?!) of senior Kennedy Baker – her *huge* double piked Arabian looks as good as always.

You also did not take into consideration the immense potential of sophomore Rachel Gowey, who has just added back a very high full-twisting double back. This gymnast can be incredible, I hope she will get all her confidence back next year.

Finally, to treat us with the most diverse styles of gymnastics, a forward tumbling pass could not be missing – freshman Megan Skaggs showed off a front double twist to stag jump.

Now, who is excited?!

The Gators are starting their 2018 season on 5 January, on the road, against West Virginia.

Article by Talitha Ilacqua


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