Emily Gaskins Commits to Alabama (2018-19)

The fact that Emily Gaskins is committed to Alabama for the 2018-19 season is not really news, but I have just seen the first photograph of Emily in a Bama leotard, and that cannot go unnoticed. So, as this website is very new and we did not have the chance to talk about Emily yet, here is confirmation that one of my favourite current elites has indeed verbally committed to the University of Alabama for the next season.

Gaskins, who trains at Cincinnati Gymnastics with Mary Lee Tracy, qualified to elite in 2013. That year, she competed at both the Level 10 Junior Olympics, where she was second in the all around, and at the junior Secret U.S. Classic, where she was fifth on floor, and at the P&G Championships, were she was tenth in the all around. In 2014, at the Secret U.S. Classic, she tied for fourth on beam and for seventh on vault, while at the P&Gs Championships, she was fifth on vault and beam and sixth in the all around and on floor. In 2015, she began winning medals on the big stage, winning a bronze medal on vault at the P&G Championships. She turned senior in 2016. In 2017, she won bronze on floor at the U.S. Classic and was fourth also on floor at Nationals.

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