Oregon State Commit Jade Carey Wins Two Silver Medals at 2017 World Championships

U.S. Jade Carey, who is an Oregon State commit for the 2018-19 season, won two silver medals at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada. On Saturday, 7 October 2017, she won silver on vault, while on Sunday, 8 October, she won silver on floor.

Carey, 17, won a silver medal on vault behind defending champion Maria Paseka of Russia. Carey competed an Yurchenko with two-and-a-half twists (Amanar) as her first vault. She had incredible height and distance from the table, but took two big steps forward on landing, for a 14.800. Her second vault was a Kasamatsu full, a half twist on with a full twist out, almost stuck, for a 14.733. Carey won silver with a combined score of 14.766, behind Maria Paseka’s 14.850 (who competed a Cheng and an Amanar), and ahead of Switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber, who competed a Rudi and a double-twisting Yurchenko for a 14.466.

Carey won silver on floor with a stellar routine, which included a double double (Silivas), a full-twisting double layout, a front double twist to stag jump and a full-twisting double tuck. Carey had incredible height in her tumbling passes, and performed her routine with ease, getting close to a stick on all her landings. She received a well-deserved 14.200. Carey won silver behind Japan’s Mai Murakami, who also opened with a double double (14.233), and ahead of Great Britain’s Claudia Fragapane, who had a stumble on her first tumbling pass, a full-twisting double layout, but stuck cold her other three passes (13.966).

Jade Carey’s is a fairytale story. A Level 10 gymnast with no international experience only one year ago, she impressively climbed the standings this year, becoming National champion in August, making the World championships team in September and being crowned World silver medallist twice in October. Incredibly enough, this World championships is Carey’s first international appearance!

Carey, who trains at Oasis Gymnastics and is coached by her father Brian Carey, began competing as a Level 10 gymnast in late 2014. In 2015, she won gold medals on vault and floor at the Region 1 Championships, as well as a silver medal on vault at the first ever Junior Olympics. In 2016, Carey retained her vault title at the Region 1 Championships, and went on to tie for gold on vault also at the Junior Olympics, where she also won bronze in the all around. In 2017, after winning gold on vault with a perfect 10.0 at the Cactus Cup, Carey turned elite. She competed at the American Classic, where she won gold medals on vault, beam and floor, at the U.S. Classic, where she again won gold medals on vault and floor, and at the P&G National Championships, where she was first on vault and second on floor.

On the USA Gymnastics website, Carey answered the question ‘What are your goals for gymnastics?’ writing: ‘To reach my full potential’. With two World medals under her belt, potential to improve her difficulty and execution on both vault and floor, and unparalleled height on both apparatuses, her ‘full potential’ seems still miles ahead of her, and it is possibly called World and Olympic champion!


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