UCLA’s Walk-Ons Sonya Meraz and JaNay Honest Awarded Scholarship for Senior Year

Photograph: YouTube

UCLA’s sensational walk-ons Sonya Meraz and JaNay Honest have finally been awarded a full-ride scholarship for their senior year as UCLA Bruins. The UCLA coaching staff unveiled the news last August.

Meraz and Honest have had a major impact on the UCLA team during these past three seasons. In 2017 they both competed in all of UCLA’s fourteen meets on the uneven bars, with Honest also competing occasionally on vault and floor, and Meraz contributing consistently also on beam and occasionally as an all arounder.

Sonya Meraz, from Santa Monica, California is a two-time second team Pac-12 All-Academic. In 2016 she led the team with 42 routines competed and contributed the most points to the team scoring with 409.6875 total points (12.49%). She has career highs of 9.875 or better on all apparatuses: a 9.875 on vault and the uneven bars, and a 9.900 on beam and floor. Her best all around score is a 39.400.

JaNay Honest, from Visalia, California is the 2016 Pac-12 uneven bars co-champion, and in 2016 hit 36-per-36 routines. Her best scores are a 9.900 on vault, a 9.950 on bars and a 9.925 on floor exercise.

Check out their reaction when they found out the good news:

Article by Talitha Ilacqua

(A previous version of this article was published on WOGymnastikA)


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